Thursday, May 1


We're praying today for the many families and businesses affected by the flooding. I've talked with the Red Cross to see if there is anything our church can do to help. It's looking as though this will be the most severe flood in Eastern Canada on record.

This Sunday: We are kicking off the series, "Juicy Fruit". If you want a head start jump in to the book of Galatians. The first 'fruit' we are going to look at is 'love'. Jesus was love. Jesus is love. We are called to love God first, then others and ourselves. Love is the first way and the best way that people will know we are Christians. So, if you look at what your life is producing, how much love is there? Sunday is going to be great. Invite someone!

My brother in law Randy is taking me to see Team Canada play Slovenia in Halifax tomorrow. Sweet!

The last 1st Wednesday until September is next week. We're going to have Pizza Delight, awesome worship, and a look into James 3 - "Wildfire - Watching what you say". Hunger for more of God? Want to go deeper in your faith? Looking for a service that isn't rushed and gives you time to settle into God's presence? Come to 1st Wednesday.

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