Saturday, May 3

Quick Thoughts

- We have a bunch (35-40) teens @ "The Rally in the Valley" right now. Pray for their safe return tonight and that God will continue to speak to their hearts drawing them closer to him.
- I was sitting in box seats (yeah, the ones with free food) for yesterday's opening game of the World Hockey Championship. Canada handled Slovenia very easily, but it was still an entertaining deal. The Slovenia goalie, Kristan, was incredible. He faced around 60 shots from Heatley, Spezza, Getzlaf, etc. He was worth the drive.
- We're going to Moncton Wesleyan right after church tomorrow to attend the Grand Opening of their new worship center. It seats 2000, and with all the overflow and satellite spots around the facility they expect 3500 people. John Maxwell is the special guest. They invited all pastors and wives of the Atlantic District, so I'm hoping they've got spots saved for us in the new worship center. I've been in it a couple of times (walked around the stage for 10 minutes last night) and it is a very impressive spot!
- I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I think this new series is going to change us forever.
- Pray for those affected by the flood and offer to help any way you can!

See you tomorrow!

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