Monday, May 26

The Annual Meeting

Here's the scoop!

- Around 60 people showed up
- Coffee and sweets in the lobby
- People wanted to stay in the lobby ;-)
- The main component wire from the Mac to the projector was unplugged and thus we had no words on screen for most of the opening worship
- Service started 6 minutes late due to tech glitches
- I shared the 4 types of church growth from Acts 2:42-47 (email me if you want 'em)
- We 'bundled' almost everything
- Scanned all the ministry reports first
- Byard Smith gave an excellent finance report!
- We presented this year's proposed budget
- We presented this year's lba roster, including new nominations (none were from the floor)
- We mentioned the delegates to district conference and the future of the trustees (Facility Team)
- We voted (verbal) on all of that as one 'package'
- We presented the ballot for the name change, from "Olivet" to "Crosspoint"
- 44 yes, 8 no
- Meeting adjourned (1hr, 10 min)

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