Friday, May 9


Many churches spend a lot of time talking about how to 'close the back door'. Personally, I wish we'd spend more time talking about how to open the front doors!

I'm reflecting on how many different people have come through our doors this past week for one thing or another. Sunday services, Tuesday Seniors, 1st Wednesday, 1st Wednesday Kids, the Shakedown - Youth, people coming and going for tomorrow's Mozambique Yard Sale, etc. I even met a group of ladies who were in this week to sew up a project for Haiti. It'd be interesting to know how many people we have been in contact with this week through our various ministries. Youth and our Sunday services reached well over 350 by themselves.

What are you doing to help people come through the front door? Mother's Day is a great opportunity to invite someone!

Yard Sale!!! - Rain or shine. We're counting on 'shine'. Pastor Amy has some great stuff planned for the kids. The 'treasures' are piling up as people are dropping off donations at the church. Come and support a great cause.

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