Monday, May 26


As most of you know, we're working through a series right now called "Juicy Fruit", based on Galatians 5:22. It has been a very impacting series for our church. It's one of those times when as a Pastor you can just feel God at work in people's lives.

The 'fruit' that we are on this coming Sunday is kindness. At the end of last week's service we issued the 'kindness challenge'. Wasn't that kind of us? So, how are you doing so far? Have you shown unusual kindness to someone? What was their reaction? What was your reaction? Can you see how God uses undeserved kindness to show His love to others?

If you want a head start on our text this week, look @ Romans 2 & 3. Really, you can look at all of Romans and see how God has offered us undeserved grace because of his kindness towards us.

Let's ramp the challenge up a bit. How about being kind to someone you usually avoid?

If you have any interesting stories of kindness from this week, post them to me here, or email me, or facebook me.

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