Tuesday, September 25

What's Happenin'

Hey OWC!
Sunday was awesome! Week 2 of LOST, "Flashbacks", helped a lot of us to realize that God wants to free us from our past. It was so good to see people at the altar turning everything over to God.

Thanks to all who helped to make the BBQ at the Robinson's a huge success! We had a great crowd. Wasn't that the best meal you've ever had for $5??! It was a tremendous day all around.

I'd like to upload some recent pics of stuff that's been happening but Blogger is not liking my new Mac laptop. If anyone has any clues on how to upload pics from a Mac to blogger, I'd love to know.

Our staff is leaving today for our annual ministers retreat at Beulah Camp. We're back Thursday a.m. I always look forward to this event, the learning, and the chance to share life and ideas with my peers.

This Sunday is LOST 3: "Rich...and still LOST". You guessed it, take a look at Matthew 19 and the rich young ruler. We're looking forward to another powerful opportunity in God's presence. Tell someone what's happening @ OWC.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 19


3 People gave their lives to Jesus on Suday at OWC!! Woo Hoo!!

God is working in people's lives, and that's what it's all about.

LOST week 2 is coming up...the theme this Sunday is "Flashbacks". Throughout the series, the characters keep having Flashbacks to their lives prior to the plane crash. We're going to look at the life of Joseph, consider flashbacks in our own lives, and see how God can take all that has happened to us and make something amazing come out of it.

I was in worship team practice for a few minutes last night and I can tell you that worship this week is going to be awesome!!

We had another terrific board meeting Monday night. I know I keep going on about board meetings, but how many meetings have you been to that keep you up all night for good reasons??

Staff meeting today was at Starbucks. Another sign that God is working @ OWC ;->

Men's Retreat @ Beulah this weekend and the Worship Arts Conference at King's Valley is this weekend as well. That means I'm going to be in two places at the same time!


Tuesday, September 11


Don't forget to pray for our world today, and for those families who still deal with the aftermath of 9-11 everyday.

We have big news to report from the church office today: We brewed our first pot of office coffee! I know, it's hard to believe!
We're brewing the Costco coffee, Kirkland, which says right on the package, "Roasted by Starbucks". It's probably the b-quality stuff that Starbucks won't serve for $3/cup! Now you can come by and see us and share a cup of java. If it's not on, we'll put it on. Or, better yet, you could stop by with some of your favorite blend and we'll throw that on!

What's happening?
This past Saturday we took the Board (Leadership Team) and spouses and Staff and their spouses on a 3-church road trip. It was an excellent, jam-packed day, full of new ideas and insights!

Sunday I got installed. Sounds funny doesn't it. Well, it's official, you are stuck with me!

Yesterday Pastor Conard and I went to Saint John to visit Gracie Schriver. She's doing well, and might be home soon!

Today is more work on our LOST series that kicks off this weekend. Week 1 is: "I Don't Understand". If you are familiar with the show, you will remember the first episode and how people are trying to make sense of it all. Life is like that...it's hard to understand why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing. The service is going to be powerful and the church should be packed! I hope you are inviting someone! Here's a hint on Sunday..."if you are a believer, you remember when Jesus pulled you from the wreckage..."

It's 1:17, I think I'll go make a fresh pot of afternoon coffee! Cheers.

Tuesday, September 4

This week @ OWC

Greetings church! I hope you are having a great start to your week!

I for one am thankful to be over the "Labor Day hump" ;-) Although there was an excellent crowd on Sunday, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks and having most of our crowd back. Thanks to the band from Sussex for helping us with worship Sunday, and way to go Pastor Mark for delivering God's Word the way you did!

If you missed Sunday, the BIG announcement was the introduction of Conard Symonds as Assistant Pastor of Seniors, Pastoral Care and Missions and also Amy Smith as Children's Pastor and Administration. Woo Hoo! We are so blessed to have these two professionals join the team @ OWC!

"1st Wednesday" - We also announced a brand new worship experience coming to OWC this Fall. October 3rd will be the launch date of our "1st Wednesday" service. Intense worship. Focused Prayer. Deeper teaching. We will have children's ministry available so that the entire family can come out. I fully believe that 1st Wednesdays can become something that we all look forward to as we worship together. Make yourself a reminder to be there :->

This week:

Thursday @ 2; Funeral service for Merle Smith. Merle was 87 and lived a life of devoted service to Christ! We celebrate her life and what she meant to so many. Visitation is Wednesday 2-4, 7-9 @ Bishops.

Please pray for Gracie Shriver as she goes into bypass surgery this Friday in Saint John.

On an entirely different note...this Friday we will be cleaning out the storerooms in the basement of the church and 'freeing' us from some itmes from who knows when, for who knows what, that will never be used again. Fear not...we won't throw obvious valuables. But, if you have something in the basement that you don't want thrown, you need to email me at pastortim@olivetwesleyan.ca before Friday or it will be on its way to that big pile of 'stuff'.

Our DS, Dave LeRoy will be preaching @ OWC this Sunday and installing me as your Sr. Pastor. We're looking forward to a great service.

LOST - Our Fall Kickoff series starts Sept 16th!! Invite a friend for a service that will make sense, play off of pop culture, teach the Bible in relevant terms and have the best music in the City! (Yes, I said that publicly!)