Tuesday, September 25

What's Happenin'

Hey OWC!
Sunday was awesome! Week 2 of LOST, "Flashbacks", helped a lot of us to realize that God wants to free us from our past. It was so good to see people at the altar turning everything over to God.

Thanks to all who helped to make the BBQ at the Robinson's a huge success! We had a great crowd. Wasn't that the best meal you've ever had for $5??! It was a tremendous day all around.

I'd like to upload some recent pics of stuff that's been happening but Blogger is not liking my new Mac laptop. If anyone has any clues on how to upload pics from a Mac to blogger, I'd love to know.

Our staff is leaving today for our annual ministers retreat at Beulah Camp. We're back Thursday a.m. I always look forward to this event, the learning, and the chance to share life and ideas with my peers.

This Sunday is LOST 3: "Rich...and still LOST". You guessed it, take a look at Matthew 19 and the rich young ruler. We're looking forward to another powerful opportunity in God's presence. Tell someone what's happening @ OWC.

Have a great week!

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