Tuesday, September 11


Don't forget to pray for our world today, and for those families who still deal with the aftermath of 9-11 everyday.

We have big news to report from the church office today: We brewed our first pot of office coffee! I know, it's hard to believe!
We're brewing the Costco coffee, Kirkland, which says right on the package, "Roasted by Starbucks". It's probably the b-quality stuff that Starbucks won't serve for $3/cup! Now you can come by and see us and share a cup of java. If it's not on, we'll put it on. Or, better yet, you could stop by with some of your favorite blend and we'll throw that on!

What's happening?
This past Saturday we took the Board (Leadership Team) and spouses and Staff and their spouses on a 3-church road trip. It was an excellent, jam-packed day, full of new ideas and insights!

Sunday I got installed. Sounds funny doesn't it. Well, it's official, you are stuck with me!

Yesterday Pastor Conard and I went to Saint John to visit Gracie Schriver. She's doing well, and might be home soon!

Today is more work on our LOST series that kicks off this weekend. Week 1 is: "I Don't Understand". If you are familiar with the show, you will remember the first episode and how people are trying to make sense of it all. Life is like that...it's hard to understand why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing. The service is going to be powerful and the church should be packed! I hope you are inviting someone! Here's a hint on Sunday..."if you are a believer, you remember when Jesus pulled you from the wreckage..."

It's 1:17, I think I'll go make a fresh pot of afternoon coffee! Cheers.

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