Monday, September 29

Gupdate is Moving!

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Friday, September 26


Something you wouldn't have heard a pastor mention a few years back...

"Let me grab my blackberry and sms text a tweet to twitter to go on my blog about the groove series."

That's just funny :-)

2 Offerings?? What?!

This Sunday we are going to show our appreciation to our 6-month intern John Sherwood!!

John has been doing an amazing job with music, youth, and anything else we throw at him. Though he's working full-time with us as an intern, it's a semester @ college that comes with all the associated costs.

We'll take our regular offering, a very groovy one, and we'll also take a 'love offering' for John.

Way cool.

More Teens = Less Hair

Heads were shaved last night! Mark Brewer, John Sherwood, and Jesse Reid are looking a little different today and we're all pretty stoked about it!

There were 100 teenagers @ the Shakedown last night! Woo Hoo! Drop your computer and run around the room!

Mark challenged the teens last week and they obviously rose to the challenge. Out came the clippers and off went the hair.

Hmmmm, what if we hit 400 on a Sunday morning?? I'll gladly shave my head! Who's with me?

Thursday, September 25

Just thinking...

There's a lot of energy around this place right now...

We're ramping up for Sunday...
Ramping up for 1st Wednesday next week...
Amping up for Youth tonight...

We love this church. Seriously, our family loves Fredericton and I love being your Pastor.

I just picked up "Axiom", by Bill Hybels. I love leadership books and I'm already enjoying this one.

God is good.

Thursday Thoughts

We hosted our home group bible study last night. Great coffee, strawberry shortcake, apple crumble, great people, great leader (Stephen Woodworth), etc. Everyone should be in a group where they can learn more about God's Word and who God is. A small group should be a safe place of love and encouragement where people can be real with one another about real life. I'm thankful for my group and every small group that Crosspoint has.

Are you thinking about Sunday??!! We're pretty amped up over week 3 of the Groove series! My side-burns are driving me nuts and I can't wait to shave them off when this series is over. Haha. Who are you inviting this week??

Groove 3 is about getting past your past. Everyone of us has a past. We can't change our past. So, how do we let our past propel us towards a better future? How do we break chains from things in the past that we just can't seem to shake? Have a look at Philippians 3, specifically verses 13 and 14. If you know anyone who needs to experience grace, love and freedom-forgiveness in Jesus, make sure they are here this week!!

Shakedown tonight. Crosspoint's Youth ministry is every Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30. Know anyone with a teenager in the house?? You know the drill, tell them about a youth group that is having a blast, awesome live band, tons of craziness, growing in God's Word and what it means to be a Christian Teen serving Jesus with everything they have!

We're going to Israel. For real. Next April. The 27th to be exact. A bunch of Crosspointers on a tour bus visiting the Holy Land, walk the beach of the Mediterranean, sail across Galilee, walk the stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, see where Jesus worshiped in Capernaum, climb Masada, walk around Jericho, Gethsemane, Armageddon, etc. Come to the Israel meeting this Sunday @ 4.

Keep the coffee strong.

Tuesday, September 23

Quick Stuff

Welcome to 'Autumn'. It's the first full day of Fall and we're expecting this to be an amazing season @ Crosspoint!

Saw 2 Crosspointers getting their coffee @ the Irving this morning. Try the Peruvian, you'll like it!

We have a great church board. That's random, I know, but I thought you should know that there is a group of people behind the scenes that are pretty pumped about the direction of this church.

September seems too early for frost. I'm just saying.

Had a great meeting with Mark first thing this morning. We're working on some in-house tech and productivity stuff. Well, Mark is, and he helps me and the other staff work smarter. BTW, if you are feeling 'swamped', you have paper everywhere, you keep forgetting 'to do's', etc... I highly recommend the book, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. I've recommended it on this blog before.

John Sherwood is speaking and singing to the Tuesday Morning Seniors Group right now. Very cool.

My side-burns are driving me nuts. I'll be glad when the 'Crosspoint Chops' contest is over. ;-)

Hope your week is going well!