Thursday, September 4

What Do You Do All Day?

I wish I had a coffee for every time someone asked me what I do all day!

Apparently, if you've never studied for or worked in the ministry you cannot comprehend what a minister would possibly do all day. This morning I was reflecting a bit on yesterday and thought, "I bet most of our people would never know what we do all day".

Here's a glimpse:
Normal boatload of email, phone calls, voice mail, etc.
Normal boatload of impromptu "what about..."; "what would you do with..." etc that comes from having an open-door policy.
Prep for Creative Team meeting - I get my head in gear before the team meets on what the major themes are and what I hope we will communicate on each particular Sunday.
2 1/2 hours of creative team planning which produced: good conversation on this past Sunday (what worked, what didn't), knock out of the Groove 1, work on upcoming Groove Sundays, excellent conversation on Sept 21 and 28. Those are going to be huge Sundays in our history.
Prep for Staff Meeting - I keep a to do in iCal for each of these and keep a running list of things we need to discuss. I had points from "One Church Four Generations" (Gary McIntosh), an article from Tony Morgan's blog, Ruthie was going to bring us a summary from the Leadership Summit she attended, and various other in-house things we needed to discuss.
2 1/2 hour staff meeting.
Back into the office to take one last look at email and voice mail before I headed home for Supper.
I was in the office @ 8:30 and left for home @ 5:00 (Amy was still going strong when I left and Mark looked like he was going to pull an all-nighter!)
After a few hours of family time I got out the Mac and typed in some notes from the day. Checked email and Facebook messages.

That's a pretty normal day.

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