Thursday, November 29

Thursday Afternoon

Snow is falling, well it was falling awhile ago, we must have gotten all of 1cm (that's a 'skiff of snow' for all you reading from South of the Border). We're looking forward to launching our Christmas series this Sunday: iWish

I've been studying Mary's story, the Annunciation, Incarnation, and a few other plots from Luke 1. Obviously, God is creative, unexpected, and faithful. Maybe the impossible will happen in your life. Do you believe?

We're also looking forward to kicking off Advent this Sunday with the lighting of the Advent candles, scripture readings, and the sharing of communion.

The church is being decorated for Christmas this Saturday. Can't wait!

Remember, it's not a season to endure, it's a Saviour to enjoy!

See you Sunday!


Monday, November 26


Good morning OWC! I hope your week is getting off to a great start.

Can you believe that this Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent? Crazy! We will be launching our Christmas series: iWish. The theme for this week is: "iWish...for the Impossible". Before the birth of Christ, people couldn't begin to imagine how God would deliver the Messiah. God often works in unexpected ways to do far more than we could ever dream of. Are you facing any impossibilities? Do you believe that anything is possible with God?

1st Wednesday December is just a week and a half away!


Wednesday, November 21

Last week...this week

Happy Wednesday OWC'ers and others following this blog to see what is happening.

Last weekend was huge! I'm not creating hype, it was simply huge! Thanks to the many volunteers who worked in so many ways to make Uncle Phil's Diner a great success. Around 350 people took in the show and heard how Jesus had made Uncle Phil a new man. We were 'Rockin Around the Clock', quite literally ;-> I didn't know so many of you could dance! Where did you learn those moves???! It was a ton of good fun and good ministry.

Many of you have asked how many we had in church Sunday. We only had a couple of front rows left to put people in. There were 260 in attendance. "To God Be the Glory, great things He has done".

Our theme this Sunday is, "Your Christmas Survival Guide". Christmas brings the best out of some people, and the worst out of others. We're going to talk about keeping the main thing the main thing, and Jesus is the main thing!

Looking ahead, our theme for the 4 Sundays of Advent is: iWish
Just before Jesus' birth, people were 'wishing' for a lot of different things. Come to think of it, we do a lot of wishing ourselves. The impossible can happen, the Messiah is here, we can know Peace, and we can worship Him for all He's done. That's the series in a nutshell.

Spread some joy today!

Pastor Tim

Tuesday, November 13


At this stage in my life I can honestly say that what I like best about snow is our children's reaction when they wake up in the morning and find the ground covered in white. True, honest, exuberant joy. That almost makes the snow worth it ;->

This week is Uncle Phil's Diner!! The sanctuary is already being transformed into a 50's diner. To coincide with Uncle Phil, our theme for Sunday Morning is "Happy Days". I'd like to preach in a leather jacket and jeans, but I'm not too keen on slicking my hair back. (Though it would take much 'slick'!)

Let's get the wheels turnin'...
What are "Happy Days"? What makes you happy? Do you think Christians are supposed to be happy ALL the time?

Coffee update: Saturday it was a Tim Horton's with my Dad. First thing Sunday morning it was a Peruvian from Irving. Yesterday afternoon Gayla and I shared a Peruvian. (Yes, I take my wife to the Irving on dates. Hahaha) This morning we are brewing Java Moose in the office and it is quite yummy. I knew you were dying to know what I was drinking! Humor me.

Last word: Great crowd @ 9 AM Sunday Morning! Some of you looked a little groggy with the early start hour, but all in all I think it was a good plan to clear the way for us all to go to the Community Service of Remembrance. Back to normal this week!


Saturday, November 10


I hope you've had a great week. If your week has been crummy, Sunday's a' comin'.

TOMORROW'S SERVICE IS @ 9:00 AM!! Don't forget to set your alarm and join us for an early service. We're meeting early so we can join the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph in Marysville @ 11. Lest we forget.

I'm sending this post from the sanctuary. We're hosting a district (Atlantic Canada and Maine) Men's Ministry training event. We've got around 20 men here, eager to see men's ministry grow in their churches. Also, as I write, Pastor Amy has a crew downstairs painting the main room for "The Factory". It is already looking immensely better and it is going to look awesome when it is complete.

There are people coming in and out dropping off Samaritan's Purse's a pretty busy Saturday around Olivet!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, November 8

Sunday's a' comin'

Wow. 1st Wednesday was very cool last night. The dinner was terrific (very large thanks to all who helped in the kitchen!!!). We had around 120 pre-register for the pizza dinner. We had a great crowd in the sanctuary. We don't count, but it was at least 120-130 with a bunch of kids downstairs as well. The sanctuary looked amazing. Picture a large, cedar cross at the front of the stage, most of the house lights out, red floods on the cross on the back wall, blue floods on the stage partitions, and many candles lit around the stage. It really was an atmosphere for worship. Ruthie, Shea and Amanda led on vocals with an acoustic band. It was awesome.

This Sunday is Remembrance Day. Don't forget, service is @ 9:00 a.m. After service, most of us will walk or drive down to the Cenotaph for the Service of Remembrance.

I'm praying at the Remembrance Service @ Marysville Elementary tomorrow. Neat!

Pastor Mark is preaching this Sunday. The title is, "Freedom isn't Free". It's going to be another great weekend at Olivet. I say that alot, but we really have been blessed this Fall. Plus, when I say it's going to be good, it puts a lot of pressure on Pastor Mark ;->

There is a District Men's Ministry Training Event @ Olivet Saturday morning. Ken McGeorge, the District Director of Men's Ministry is one of our own and is giving point leadership to this event. All men are most welcome to come. I'm doing the opening session on , "God's Unique Call to Men".

I hope you are having a great week. Have you gotten your 1/2 hour of silence yet??


Tuesday, November 6

Building Kids God's Way

Here is the Factory logo with the "Building Kids God's Way" banner!

Children's Ministry Logos

Here are the new logos for "The Factory" -- our Children's Ministry here @ Olivet.

They are awesome! Thanks to the good folks @ Razor Creative.

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Monday, November 5

Lest We Forget...

If you have any war memorabilia or old photos of people in uniform, we'd love to borrow them for service this Sunday.

You can let me know @

Thanks large!

Sunday, November 4

The 1/2 Hour Challenge

Hey OWC'ers! What a great morning we had today! Worship was powerful, the place was packed, and it was an excellent day all around. We wrapped up the Facebook Series with a challenge. Here it is: do whatever you have to do to carve out one half hour of silence this week. No phones, no TV, no sleep, just you and your Bible and a good cup of coffee. Simply listen to God. Surrender. Relax. And listen.

I'd love to hear your stories on how you carved out the time, when and where you spent your half hour, and even a report of what you sensed God saying to you.

We're looking forward to 1st Wednesday November - it's 3 days away! We have 102 pre-registered for Wednesday! That's awesome.

Don't forget, Sunday November 11, service is @ 9:00 a.m.


Thursday, November 1


Happy November everyone.

Our November @ OWC got off to a great start... Alice McKinley showed up with cinnamon rolls, still warm from the oven, at 10:09. So, an impromptu staff coffee break ensued ;->

The Youth Halloween Outreach on Crockett St was a huge success!! Way to go Pastor Mark, Liz and all the youth leaders and teens that made it a great night. It was so good to drive by (as I did about 20 times) and see AJ Guptill with video camera and lights, free Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate, a big banner for the youth ministry, etc. Very cool.

Streaming sermons - Starting next week, we are going to be streaming the sermons from our website,
There will be a media page launched next week with the sermons.

Uncle Phil's radio ads hit the airwaves this morning on the two Christian stations. Tables are selling. If you are planning on being here and bringing people with you, you should probably call in to reserve your tickets.

Facebook 3 is coming...can't wait.

BIG NEWS: We have released the menu for next week's 1st Wednesday...drum roll please...

PIZZA!!! Catered pizza, child care, an awesome program for your kids, and an intense time of worship and teaching. It doesn't get any better than 1st Wednesdays! Nov 7, 5:30 supper, 7:00 service. Sweet.

Clocks roll back Saturday night. Enjoy the extra snooze :-)

Nov 11th Sunday service is @ 9:00 a.m. This is not a typo. Church will be out by 10:30 to let everyone go to the cenotaph. Lest we forget...

Have a God day,