Tuesday, January 29

Crosspoint Logo

Some say keep it as an exclamation mark, some say lose the dot on the bottom of the cross...

The logo won't load in from Safari (Mac's browser) and when I upload it from Flock (the best browser for Facebook) it shrinks it.

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Coffee Chat

This past Sunday night we held something called, "Coffee Chat with Pastor Tim". It was an opportunity for us to sit in an informal setting, talk about what our church has meant to us over the years, and share where we feel God is leading us in the future. There was an excellent crowd present to enjoy Second Cup coffee, goodies, and the fellowship.

Here are the highlights:

- A 1/2 hour of testimonies! We may not ask for them again for 100 years, but I must say it was good to speak outloud of how God has blessed us.
- The Mission: People of all ages and all backgrounds becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
- The Vision: 1. The Weekend Worship Experience - we believe that our weekend service is our main portal of opportunity to see new people come to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We pour a lot of our resources into making those moments the best moments of our week. It is also one of our top avenues of discipleship. 2. Kids and Teens - we believe that we must invest in reaching our future for Christ. We will staff and budget accordingly. We can't afford to miss a generation. Families will come to know Christ as a result of our ministry to their kids. 3. Getting people connected. No one gets 'pewmonia'. No pew potatoes. Even though we don't have pews! We aren't saved to sit, we're saved to serve and be a part of community. Small groups, ministry involvement, missions, etc, all serve to help us get people connected into the body. A place where everyone belongs.
- We're expecting March, April and May to be as full as Oct-Dec. This means that we are launching 2-services beginning Palm Sunday, March 16th. We'll run the two services at least till May and maybe longer.
- The board has voted unanimously to change our name from "Olivet Wesleyan" to "Crosspoint Wesleyan Church". -Pointing people to the Cross; For whatever point you are at in life; There is a point... This is a significant change that we believe is necessary as we enter a new era of ministry in all of our surrounding communities.
- Outreach - We discussed practical ways that we can show God's love without expecting anything in return. I mentioned a few things that we are already involved with and a new email database called "meetaneedmail" that will help us to respond to the needs around us very quickly. I also dropped a theme for the outreach ministry of our church. We'll have a website designed around givearip.ca We want everyone to know that there is a group of people in Fredericton who 'give a rip' about the needs around us.

I can't say enough about how I appreciate the cooperation and shared-vision of the congregation. It's obvious that we are together in this, wanting to see our church reach its full redemptive potential. Let's continue to pray for one another as we move forward!

Pastor Tim

Monday, January 21

Monday morning thoughts

1. It's cold outside (25 below and worse with the wind chill)
2. I think yesterday's service was one of the most impacting we have had since I started at Olivet.
3. The coffee at "Olivet Cafe" was awesome yesterday. I lost track of how many cups I had. www.secondcup.com
4. It's cold outside
5. Pastor Mark has the Youth ministry here at Olivet shaking with "The Shakedown". The newly re-designed youth night has been getting 50-60 junior and senior highers.
6. I liked the happy face on our 6' x 8' lite-brite this past Sunday. Very fun.
7. This week's theme is self-control. We have a special guest joining us for part of the morning message. Stay tuned...
8. The Lapointes are coming to OWC, March 02! Invite someone.
9. Coffee-Chat with me is this Sunday night at 6. Looking forward to it!
10. 1st Wednesday resumes next Wednesday, Feb 6th. Can't wait! Spaghetti & Caesar supper @ 5:30, service @ 7.
11. Pastor Amy and the Factory are inviting everyone to a family skate, this Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 Officer's Square.

Tuesday, January 15

What's Up with the Snow??

This is beside the parsonage before last week's warm spell. Note the telephone pole behind Hope and Autumn! Crazy!!

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We said good bye today to one of Olivet's dear friends, Winnie Laagland.

Although I didn't have the opportunity to get to know Winnie personally, I was impressed by the word her friends and family shared about her.

When I am involved in funerals like this, where people can't say enough good things, I can't help but think about what I would like for people to say about me when I'm lying with my arms folded in front of the church.

May we not quickly forget quality like Winnie and may each of us choose to follow after God as she did!


Monday, January 14

Illuminate week 2 comin' up

Illuminate 1 is in the books. What did you think of our 6' x 8' lite-brite? Special thanks to Ralph Manzer and Wayne Moore for the work they put into creating the giant lite-brite. It certainly communicated a message! Our theme yesterday was 'pride' and I am still thinking about how pride affects our worship. I hope that one of the great things that God blesses us with in 2008 is pure-worship.

Illuminate 2 is on it's way. The theme this Sunday is "attitude". Our youngest, Autumn, has already volunteered her sister, Hope, as an example of wrong attitude. Hahaha. :-)

Attitude determines so much: What kind of day are you having? Who do you like? What sets you off? What is your view of God? How are you involved in outreach? And on and on it goes.

Our attitude is often focused on our own personal, selfish wants. Yet the Bible tells us to have the same attitude as Christ. Hmmmm, what was His attitude like?

Things to remember:
Olivet Originals this Saturday. Potluck @ 5:30, concert @ 7, special guest - Chris Stephens
The Alpha Course - February 03, 5-7 PM, dinner, dessert and a dvd.

Have a great day.

Thursday, January 10

Illuminate 1

I really don't like a lot of hype, but I'm finding it hard not talk up this coming Sunday. Hey, even before Sunday the Youth are launching a brand new re-designed deal tonight called "The Shakedown". The sanctuary looks very cool.

The Illuminate series is all about shedding light on things that we try to keep in the dark. Get ready for the Holy Spirit to tell you it's time to bring everything into the Light, where God can help you grow. Our theme for week 1 is PRIDE. Pride is the root of so many of our problems. We're going to go old-school and look at King Uzziah. He was the man, until he let pride mess him up. What can we learn from this ancient royal? We'll find out Sunday morning. Check out his story in 2 Chronicles 26.

See you Sunday. Invite someone.


Sunday, January 6


I hope you all have had a great Lord's Day. "Attta-boy" to Pastor Mark for bringing us the Word this morning. Timely. Effective. Challenging. This morning's service was loaded with elements, all aimed at helping us to worship Christ will all we have. Did anyone notice the segue between worship and the offering? If you didn't notice it, GREAT!, that's the whole idea. That was the best transition into the offering that we have ever had. Nice job Ruthie!

This Sunday we will be kicking off the "Illuminate" series. We're going to shed light on some areas that need to be brought into view, dealt with and transformed by grace. We could use a few lite-brites as a part of the theme. If you have one stowed away in a closet, we'd love to borrow it.

January is a time when many people are looking to change their lives, start something new, or just get out of the 'funk' they've been in. Think about that this week as God gives you opportunity to invite others.