Monday, January 14

Illuminate week 2 comin' up

Illuminate 1 is in the books. What did you think of our 6' x 8' lite-brite? Special thanks to Ralph Manzer and Wayne Moore for the work they put into creating the giant lite-brite. It certainly communicated a message! Our theme yesterday was 'pride' and I am still thinking about how pride affects our worship. I hope that one of the great things that God blesses us with in 2008 is pure-worship.

Illuminate 2 is on it's way. The theme this Sunday is "attitude". Our youngest, Autumn, has already volunteered her sister, Hope, as an example of wrong attitude. Hahaha. :-)

Attitude determines so much: What kind of day are you having? Who do you like? What sets you off? What is your view of God? How are you involved in outreach? And on and on it goes.

Our attitude is often focused on our own personal, selfish wants. Yet the Bible tells us to have the same attitude as Christ. Hmmmm, what was His attitude like?

Things to remember:
Olivet Originals this Saturday. Potluck @ 5:30, concert @ 7, special guest - Chris Stephens
The Alpha Course - February 03, 5-7 PM, dinner, dessert and a dvd.

Have a great day.

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