Thursday, January 10

Illuminate 1

I really don't like a lot of hype, but I'm finding it hard not talk up this coming Sunday. Hey, even before Sunday the Youth are launching a brand new re-designed deal tonight called "The Shakedown". The sanctuary looks very cool.

The Illuminate series is all about shedding light on things that we try to keep in the dark. Get ready for the Holy Spirit to tell you it's time to bring everything into the Light, where God can help you grow. Our theme for week 1 is PRIDE. Pride is the root of so many of our problems. We're going to go old-school and look at King Uzziah. He was the man, until he let pride mess him up. What can we learn from this ancient royal? We'll find out Sunday morning. Check out his story in 2 Chronicles 26.

See you Sunday. Invite someone.


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