Sunday, January 6


I hope you all have had a great Lord's Day. "Attta-boy" to Pastor Mark for bringing us the Word this morning. Timely. Effective. Challenging. This morning's service was loaded with elements, all aimed at helping us to worship Christ will all we have. Did anyone notice the segue between worship and the offering? If you didn't notice it, GREAT!, that's the whole idea. That was the best transition into the offering that we have ever had. Nice job Ruthie!

This Sunday we will be kicking off the "Illuminate" series. We're going to shed light on some areas that need to be brought into view, dealt with and transformed by grace. We could use a few lite-brites as a part of the theme. If you have one stowed away in a closet, we'd love to borrow it.

January is a time when many people are looking to change their lives, start something new, or just get out of the 'funk' they've been in. Think about that this week as God gives you opportunity to invite others.


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