Monday, January 21

Monday morning thoughts

1. It's cold outside (25 below and worse with the wind chill)
2. I think yesterday's service was one of the most impacting we have had since I started at Olivet.
3. The coffee at "Olivet Cafe" was awesome yesterday. I lost track of how many cups I had.
4. It's cold outside
5. Pastor Mark has the Youth ministry here at Olivet shaking with "The Shakedown". The newly re-designed youth night has been getting 50-60 junior and senior highers.
6. I liked the happy face on our 6' x 8' lite-brite this past Sunday. Very fun.
7. This week's theme is self-control. We have a special guest joining us for part of the morning message. Stay tuned...
8. The Lapointes are coming to OWC, March 02! Invite someone.
9. Coffee-Chat with me is this Sunday night at 6. Looking forward to it!
10. 1st Wednesday resumes next Wednesday, Feb 6th. Can't wait! Spaghetti & Caesar supper @ 5:30, service @ 7.
11. Pastor Amy and the Factory are inviting everyone to a family skate, this Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 Officer's Square.

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