Saturday, July 28

This Week @ OWC

OWC...I hope you have all had a great week, enduring the heat (90 or above for those of you reading this from the USA), and hopefully doing some 'fishing' for Jesus!

It has been a very busy and productive week. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting up to speed on OWC, Marysville and Freddy. Hey, speaking of Freddy, we visited the new Frank's Diner last night. Very yummy Fish 'n Chips :-)

We're gearing up for a great time of worship tomorrow. I hope you are looking forward to it. Come expecting!

Plan to stay after church for the fellowship time. There is an old Wesleyan proverb that says, "If you cook it...they will come."

SPECIAL THANKS!! To all who have been working on the renovations at the parsonage!! There has been a crew of volunteers over there every day working in the heat! You are awesome!!

See you tomorrow OWC!

Pastor Tim

Monday, July 23

Great crowd on Sunday!

Like I said in my welcome comments on Sunday morning, it was GREAT!! to see you all on Sunday!

Hey, we had a great start to our GONE series as we looked at Gone Fishing...Jesus call to the Disciples and his call to us to be Fishers of Men. (and Ladies!) Ruthie and the band led us in meaningful worship!

Coming up this week is Gone Boating...Pastor Mark is preaching and we are going to look at Peter's water walking experience and what it means for us to step out and take great leaps of faith for Christ.

Are you fishing this week? Remember, God has placed us in the middle of a stocked pond! Build intentional relationships...invite someone to church...put out as many hooks as you can!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Oh yeah, this Sunday after church we are going to EAT! Well, we always eat, but we are going to fellowship together as a welcome to our family.

See you then,
Pastor Tim

Thursday, July 19

"GONE Fishing"

Hey OWC :-)

This Sunday we begin our summer series, "GONE". This Sunday we are going to look at Jesus' call to go for lost souls!

We had a great creative team meeting this week...Sunday is going to be a great time of worship!

If you want to get into the Scriptures that we are going to be looking at, start in Ezekiel. Hundreds of years before Christ was born, Zeke new that Jesus was going to be fishing for spiritually lost people. Ezekiel 34. Also, check out Matthew 4:18-22 and Luke 5:1-11.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Tim

Wednesday, July 18

On the Job

Good Morning OWC!

Monday was running around with Gayla and the girls making decisions on tile, etc for the work being done on the parsonage...

Tuesday was a blur! ;-) A good blur though. Pastor Mark, Natalie and I had fun getting up to steam on a bunch of things...and of course Pastor Mark and I started on the right foot - we headed straight for Tim Hortons!

Today I met the group going to Magic Mountain @ 7:45, wished them well (thanked God that I wasn't on that bus!) and headed in to the office. It looked like a large group of very excited teens and some half-awake adult leaders. They'll have a blast!

Looking ahead...
This Sunday we start a 4 week series titled, "Gone". A fitting theme, since many of our folks are "Gone" during the summer ;-> This week is "Gone Fishing". We're going to look at Jesus' call to his disciples (and to us) to be Fishers of People. A good book to read along these lines is, "Just Walk Across the Room", by Bill Hybels.

My email for now is

Have a great day OWC!

Pastor Tim

Thursday, July 12

July 15th

Thanks to Mark Wilson for the great thoughts on what to do your first year at a new church. I enjoy the dialogue on items like this.

OK Olivet, this Sunday is my first Sunday! Woo Hoo! Even though most of you are @ Beulah (which is going amazing despite the rain -- Steve DeNeff is preaching up a STORM!!) I am stoked about my first official Sunday @ OWC.

Ruthie is coming up to lead worship, and I am preaching on what Olivet meant to Christ, and what Olivet means to Marysville, Fredericton and beyond. Basically, I'm going to draw from my recent Israel trip, standing on Olivet, and how my heart is beating for our community.

If anyone knows why the name Olivet was chosen for the church in Marysville, I'd love to know that story.

That's it for now. See you soon.