Thursday, July 12

July 15th

Thanks to Mark Wilson for the great thoughts on what to do your first year at a new church. I enjoy the dialogue on items like this.

OK Olivet, this Sunday is my first Sunday! Woo Hoo! Even though most of you are @ Beulah (which is going amazing despite the rain -- Steve DeNeff is preaching up a STORM!!) I am stoked about my first official Sunday @ OWC.

Ruthie is coming up to lead worship, and I am preaching on what Olivet meant to Christ, and what Olivet means to Marysville, Fredericton and beyond. Basically, I'm going to draw from my recent Israel trip, standing on Olivet, and how my heart is beating for our community.

If anyone knows why the name Olivet was chosen for the church in Marysville, I'd love to know that story.

That's it for now. See you soon.


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Larry said...

Hey Tim ... Contratulations on your new assignment, and Woo Hoo! right along w/ you.

May God bless your ministry at Olivet.