Wednesday, July 18

On the Job

Good Morning OWC!

Monday was running around with Gayla and the girls making decisions on tile, etc for the work being done on the parsonage...

Tuesday was a blur! ;-) A good blur though. Pastor Mark, Natalie and I had fun getting up to steam on a bunch of things...and of course Pastor Mark and I started on the right foot - we headed straight for Tim Hortons!

Today I met the group going to Magic Mountain @ 7:45, wished them well (thanked God that I wasn't on that bus!) and headed in to the office. It looked like a large group of very excited teens and some half-awake adult leaders. They'll have a blast!

Looking ahead...
This Sunday we start a 4 week series titled, "Gone". A fitting theme, since many of our folks are "Gone" during the summer ;-> This week is "Gone Fishing". We're going to look at Jesus' call to his disciples (and to us) to be Fishers of People. A good book to read along these lines is, "Just Walk Across the Room", by Bill Hybels.

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Have a great day OWC!

Pastor Tim

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