Thursday, June 21

First Moves in a New Church

Yeah, you try blogging while moving from Indiana to New Brunswick, Canada! ;->

My first Sunday as the Lead Pastor of Olivet Wesleyan Church is July 15.

So, what would you do in your first year at a new church? What you do your first month? Your first week?

I thought it would make for an interesting discussion...

What kinds of mistakes have you seen pastors make in their first year? What smart moves have you seen pastors pull off in year one?


robmcd said...

For some pastors the mistake they made was going there in the first place.

mark o wilson said...

What to do the first week:

1. Meet the leaders
2. Ask for a list of shut ins and visit them -- seriously -- the first or second day on the ground -- that speaks of loving your congregation.
3. Make sure to carve out time to pray each morning before you take off running -- set your time alone with God as a top priority right off the bat. Never seek the face of people before you seek the face of God.
4. Be wary of people who come to you with an agenda.

David Drury said...

I wish I had been coming here in my own transition, guys... good advice, Mark O.

Sorry I haven't been staying in touch. Just landed here in INdiana shortly after you left I believe. I hope it goes great up there for you!