Sunday, December 30

Faith and Foolishness

There is a fine line between faith and foolishness...and that is where I want to be. If I'm not living in faith, I am only attempting what I believe I can accomplish. If I'm foolish, I'll rush into things that God never intended me to get into. I believe the greatest blessings are on that fine line.

Somewhere between faith and foolishness God brought His Son into our realm - in human skin. It seems foolish to many, and certainly requires faith. But for those of us who accept Him, he has brought blessings too many to mention.

Olivet Wesleyan stepped out in a small measure of faith this Christmas and 'attempted' two services on Christmas Eve. We prayed, we invested in a professional-marketing invite piece, we programmed, we practiced, we prayed some more...the result: 470 people showed up to hear about the Baby born in Bethlehem! We were speechless. Maybe that's the best way to be before God...speechless, simply in awe of God.

Now we are looking at 2008 and wondering what God has in store. We believe that He has given us an opportunity to make significant Kingdom-impact in our community. If that is going to happen, we will need to be a people who are willing to walk the line between faith and foolishness. There will be times when we simply have to trust God, trust His Word, and be as faithful as we can.

On a personal note - I feel privileged to Pastor such a great group of people who care more for the lost than they do about their own comfort zones!


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