Tuesday, November 13


At this stage in my life I can honestly say that what I like best about snow is our children's reaction when they wake up in the morning and find the ground covered in white. True, honest, exuberant joy. That almost makes the snow worth it ;->

This week is Uncle Phil's Diner!! The sanctuary is already being transformed into a 50's diner. To coincide with Uncle Phil, our theme for Sunday Morning is "Happy Days". I'd like to preach in a leather jacket and jeans, but I'm not too keen on slicking my hair back. (Though it would take much 'slick'!)

Let's get the wheels turnin'...
What are "Happy Days"? What makes you happy? Do you think Christians are supposed to be happy ALL the time?

Coffee update: Saturday it was a Tim Horton's with my Dad. First thing Sunday morning it was a Peruvian from Irving. Yesterday afternoon Gayla and I shared a Peruvian. (Yes, I take my wife to the Irving on dates. Hahaha) This morning we are brewing Java Moose in the office and it is quite yummy. I knew you were dying to know what I was drinking! Humor me.

Last word: Great crowd @ 9 AM Sunday Morning! Some of you looked a little groggy with the early start hour, but all in all I think it was a good plan to clear the way for us all to go to the Community Service of Remembrance. Back to normal this week!


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