Saturday, November 10


I hope you've had a great week. If your week has been crummy, Sunday's a' comin'.

TOMORROW'S SERVICE IS @ 9:00 AM!! Don't forget to set your alarm and join us for an early service. We're meeting early so we can join the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph in Marysville @ 11. Lest we forget.

I'm sending this post from the sanctuary. We're hosting a district (Atlantic Canada and Maine) Men's Ministry training event. We've got around 20 men here, eager to see men's ministry grow in their churches. Also, as I write, Pastor Amy has a crew downstairs painting the main room for "The Factory". It is already looking immensely better and it is going to look awesome when it is complete.

There are people coming in and out dropping off Samaritan's Purse's a pretty busy Saturday around Olivet!

See you tomorrow!

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