Thursday, September 11


Hey Crosspointer's! I hope your week is going well. Things are hustlin' around the church as we prepare for our kickoff Sunday and "The Groove".

Have you checked out our new website yet? This Sunday's bulletin is already on there. Very cool. Now you don't need one in your hand on Sunday! Actually, it probably won't be long before we only print a handful of bulletins for those who aren't online. Everyone else will get used to checking the website to see what's happening. Very 'green' don't you think! ;-)

As I mentioned on Sunday, you will want to be in the sanctuary when the countdown hits 0 this Sunday.

Hey guys, how are those side burns coming??! Don't forget to let the chops grow for this series. Haha.

Key verse for this Sunday: Philippians 1:6 God got the groove going inside you. God's plan is for us to stay in the groove so that His work will continue to grow in us making us more like Christ. Some need to find their Groove in Christ for the very first time. Some have the groove but they need to get up and get it going!

Sunday is going to be a spiritual blast!

Praying for you,

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