Saturday, May 24

Juicy Fruit 4

Here's a fraction of what's been happenin' lately around the church, etc:

We had the new phone system installed this week. Better phones, better service, pretty much better everything for less money. Go figure. The guys @ Multi-Com have been terrific and very patient (tomorrow's theme) with us. "Do I hit transfer first or do I hit the person's extension first"? haha When one of us isn't manning (or womanning) the phones, you'll get a menu of options. Hit the # for the person you want and you will get us or our voice mail. I love progress!!

Everyday Sunday and Planes of Light were in concert here Thursday night. I'm glad that I'm a part of a church that believes in the next generation. May God truly raise up a generation of young people who want all Jesus all the time.

Pastor Amy won the war with the photocopier and did an EXCELLENT job of getting our annual report together. Way to go Ames. Look for some pretty cool promo on VBS in your bulletin tomorrow. Good things are happening in Children's Ministry and it's going to be a great summer.

We're 'cooking up' a great summer theme/series. We worked on it this week and we should be unveiling it in the next week or so.

Our family drove to Saint John - Quispamsis yesterday to visit my folks. Good times. Good pizza, excellent blue berry pie. Excellent Irving-Peruvian in both directions (try it). We stopped in to the Roots Outlet store in Saint John and grabbed up some really good deals.

The Symonds Quartet performed at the Seniors Dinner here last night. I haven't heard yet how it went. Any reports?

Bill Moore has a group of teens here at the church today preparing meals for seniors. They are going to deliver 26 meals for supper tonight! Awesome job Bill! Way to go teens. I love this church!

Kermit Smith was just over to the parsonage with his tiller. He dug us up good! We're going to put a new flower bed in the front yard. Can't wait.

We continue our 'Juicy Fruit' series tomorrow with "Patience". I'm thinking we'll just skip the sermon and go straight to an altar call. Haha. We all could use more patience. In the O.T. patience meant, "be patient, God is going to whoop your enemy". In the N.T. it means, "be patient, God has won, and you will too". There are a few different words for patience. We're going to look at 'hypomne'. How's your hypomone?

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