Thursday, May 15

10:00 A.M.

We shift to one service @ 10 a.m. this Sunday! Help us get the word out. Are you sure that everyone in your 'circle' knows of the time change? Our average for the 9 Sundays of "Olivet Double Double" was 284. That's amazin'. Pastor Conard had a crew in here this week and we now have 300+ chairs in the sanctuary. As I mentioned Sunday morning, if parking is a zoo and we're just too full, I will be the first to stand up and say, "I'm an idiot". If need be, we'll make a hasty retreat back to two services. By the way, if you are going to have challenges, these are the right kind of challenges to have!

Staff Retreat wrap up:
- We left Fredericton and made it all the way to Oromocto without stopping! We quickly pulled in to McDonalds and Tim Hortons and loaded up. I had a coffee and muffin (low fat blueberry that tasted like paper).
- We spent most of our time in Ruthie's cottage. Her living room, with all of it's windows, backing right on to the still-high Saint John River, made for a chilly but productive place for us to work.
- We planned out most of the series/themes for next year (summer '08 - May '09)
- Back in to Ruthie's van and off to Montana's in Saint John for supper. Yum. One of us ordered dessert. I'll let you guess who. ;-)
- Back to the cottage for more chat on the vision and ministries of Crosspoint.
- Tuesday a.m. The guys had a working shower, but no hot water. The girls cottage had hot water but no shower. Bad combo! Fruit and English muffins for breakfast. More think-tank work on things like 1st Wednesday, new website, branding, Crosspoint promo, etc.
- We packed up around noon and headed home. We made it all the way to the top of the hill without stopping! We quickly pulled in to the Irving for coffee and Baleman's for ice-cream.

This coming year is going to be huge for our church. We'll be challenged more than ever as we continue to grow spiritually and numerically. Pray for the staff of the church when you think of us. Thanks!

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