Monday, May 5

Sunday re-cap

"Juicy Fruit" got off to a great start yesterday! There were great crowds in both services (for those of you who go to the 9, we consider anything over 80 people 'great' and there were 85). In case you are wondering, there was around 285 here yesterday and we're averaging around 280 (doubles not counted) since we went to 2-services.

Worship was very genuine and focused yesterday. We could tell that people were very much engaged in the worship. It's always good to see a freedom where people want to be at the altar for prayer. The band was pretty much acoustic which made for a very different Sunday morning feel. As I mentioned last week, I think this series has a lot of potential for us. "Surrender" is the key. If we really want this bad enough, God will move in and bless us and we'll never be the same.

Another highlight of yesterday was introducing Ruth Woodworth as a member of our staff. It'll become official at the annual meeting, but for the most part she is already on the team! There is no one we'd rather have leading worship at Olivet! be sure to send her a word of encouragement and congrats.

Hope is playing hockey in my office right now. ;-)

After church yesterday we hustled over to Moncton Wesleyan for the Grand Opening of their new worship center. It was an energized affair filled with enthusiasm, thanksgiving, and vision. The 2000 seat auditorium is beautiful. One of these days we should get a caravan together, zip over to Moncton for a Sunday night service, and grab a bite @ Montana's. :-)

1st Wednesday is coming up! See you for Pizza Delight pizza, salads, etc @ 5:30. Service at 7.

Don't miss Mother's Day @ Olivet. Who can you invite?

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