Monday, May 26

Church Websites

We're in the process of creating/building/launching a new church website.

Like church buildings themselves, church websites vary from stuffy and archaic to very modern with every current piece of technology available.

So, what do you think a church website should look like? What key features/options should it have? How much video is too much? How much flash is too much? What info should be on there? What do you not like about church sites?


Rob McD said...

As long as it has a good dose of scripture from the KJV it will be fine.

Mark said...

Hahaha, yes, that and making sure that music begins playing as soon as the page loads. I love that.

If you've got 4 hours to spare, here's a list of the top 75 church websites as compiled by Church Relevance.

From that list, I really like Northpoint's site for its simplicity and ease of use. I disliked the Planetshakers site for being crazily overwhelming and trying to do much on the front page. How small is that text?

And kudos to Watermark church for being the lone Wesleyan site to make the cut.

Tony said...

Hi, I'd add, make the site as user-friendly as possible to outsiders. Internet Evangelism Day's church website design self-assessment tool suggests ways to do this.