Wednesday, May 21


This week has been a little crazy so far. Good, but crazy!

Pastor Mark delivered an absolutely rock solid outstanding message on 'Peace' Sunday morning. It was the third installment in our "Juicy Fruit" series that is looking at the goods the Holy Spirit wants to produce in our lives. Personally, I am loving this series. I can tell that we are being challenged to look into the mirror and ask the question, "What is my life producing?"

Our newest staff member, Ruth Woodworth, had a birthday yesterday. Woo Hoo. Our most life-experienced staff member, Pastor Conard, has a birthday tomorrow. Ask him how old he is...he'll grin.

Our annual meeting is this Sunday. Boring? Nope. Dry? Nope. As much fun as bathing a cat? Nope. We're going to celebrate God's goodness to us and prepare our hearts for the next church year! Come spiritually prepared.

We've had a lot of fun planning for this Sunday. The theme is 'Patience'. Yeah, I could hear you groaning or laughing or both. We're all guilty on this one! Maybe we should just start with an altar call?! Ha. Seriously though, we're anticipating another Sunday of life-change as we collectively surrender and allow God to stretch us and change us. Bring a friend!

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