Tuesday, April 1

Tuesday Happenings

Another miraculous sign that there is a God... Amy made coffee today! Mark and I have been applying intense peer pressure to turn her into a coffee drinker. So far she has been a cappuccino drinker or a caramel macchiato if we are at Starbucks. Well, she's starting to show signs of being an actual coffee drinker. She brought a butterscotch flavored coffee to the office this morning and brewed it up! It was quite yummy and made the office smell like heaven. Thanks Ames. What flavor are you bringing next??

I'm studying for 1st Wednesday and I thought that some of the keeners out there might like to hit the scripture before tomorrow night. Take a good look at Psalm 96. What is a 'new song'? How do we declare 'his glory'? Why would I bring 'fear' into worship? How would you describe his 'splendor and majesty'? What is meant by 'his sanctuary' for us today? Verse 9 is particularly interesting. How can we possibly comprehend the 'splendor of his holiness'? Come prepared to worship.

The altars of our church were full this past Sunday morning with people praying about a variety of issues, each relating to being 'comfortable'. So, how are you doing? Are you too comfortable? Are you truly open to anything God wants to do in your life? Have you stepped out of your comfort zones in any way this week? Trust Him. He will guide you and bless you.

Creative Team meeting today at 1...Can't wait!

Conard and Debbie Symonds are back from Florida!!! Woo Hoo!!

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