Monday, April 14

Wrapping up "Comfortable"

Man, Pastor Mark really brought the Truth yesterday morning! If you weren't challenged or uncomfortable, you should check your pulse. Here are a few quotes from Mark's message. (Yes, I was taking notes, Don't you always take notes??)
- We cannot compromise the cost of discipleship to get a crowd
- God is after your heart, not your stuff
- We follow Jesus, he transforms our lives, and then he uses us to transform the world
- When you get comfortable you care less and less about other's discomfort (ouch)
- Don't let your eyes adjust to the darkness around you, don't get comfortable with the dark

Jordon Leblanc led us in worship yesterday. "How Great Is Our God" was my favorite tune of the day.

Kelly singer opened with an 'uncomfortable' welcome. You had to walk around and greet someone on the other side of the church. Some were probably surprised to find out that there is another side of the church!

Yesterday was our last day to enjoy the big comfy chair on the stage. Thanks again to the good folks @ Valley Ridge for loaning us a chair that you really don't want to get out of!

Pastor Conard and Debbie had us over for lunch yesterday. The roast beef was amazing! The butterscotch pie was too good! Kicking back and chillaxing while watching "Planet Earth" on Conard's 47" Bravia was pretty sweet too! I was battling TV envy big time. Actually, I wasn't really battling, I was giving in. ;-)

Conard and Debbie, Nora-Lynn and Glendon did a full blown turkey dinner for Alpha last night. It was equally superb! And of course, there was more pie. I now weigh over 500 lbs! Haha. Needless to say, I hit the treadmill 6:30 this morning.

Coming Up:
-"Estate Planning" workshop with Wayne Derr, General Director of Stewardship Ministries for the Wesleyan Church, this Friday, 6 PM. If you haven't signed up yet, drop me a line.
-"The Huddle" - children's ministry training day @ King's Valley Wesleyan, this Saturday. We're taking a crew down! Contact Pastor Amy if you would like to attend.

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