Monday, April 28

It's a wrap!

Yesterday was the last Sunday of our church year, and what a year it was! We did a favorites day and invited people to vote for their favorite song, video, etc. We did 9 songs yesterday! The low point of the morning was Greg Ricker re-appearing as 'Wally' from "Uncle Phil's Diner" singing, "Johnny Be Good"! ;-) Actually, I loved it!

Another favorite that we brought back for yesterday was cinnamon buns and fruit trays! Nothing like a couple of big trays of food to help people mingle, relax and chat.

We also took 5 people into membership yesterday! Welcome to Kevin and Heidi Pawsey, Rob and Kristin Zwicker, and Jonathon Bragdon! We're glad that quality people want to be as involved as they possibly can.

What else is happening?
-Excellent turkey dinner here this past Saturday night as a fundraiser for the Mozambique Missions Team. The place was packed, the food was superb, and the wait staff was out of this world. ;-)
- The Alpha course wrapped up Sunday night with a potluck and video #15. The comments were very positive as people found the course to be helpful to their journey with Christ. If you are a new believer, pre-believer, or someone who needs a refresher course, consider Alpha the next time it is offered. Thanks to Stephen and Ruthie Woodworth for leading the course and to Debbie and Conard for handling all of the meals! What a team!
- Pastor Amy just returned last night from attending the Children's Ministry Conference @ Willow Creek, Chicago.
- My hard drive died on my Mac and I'm still not sure how much I have lost. Thanks to Brent Brewer for helping me to get back up and running. I'm now backing up every day, but it's a tough lesson to learn.
- The staff are getting together tonight at Conard and Debbie's. Good times!
- "Juicy Fruit" the series, starts this Sunday!
- Mother's Day on the 11th. If you've had a mother, you should be here. If you know a mother, you should invite her. If you are a mother, you'll be our special guest. Mother's Day is an easy day to invite someone to church! If nothing else, come for the Second Cup coffee and a chance to receive a special gift.

We were gleaning ideas for last week's service, and we reflected back on the many series we did at Olivet in the past church year. Here they are:
Just Walk Across the Room
Pirates of Relationships

This coming year will be filled with many more creative opportunities for you to invite someone to church!

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