Thursday, April 24

Natalie Symonds Brown

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Natalie Symonds Brown. At just 40 years old, Natalie's heart could go no further and she received a new body in heaven with Christ.

The tremendous crowd that packed in to Olivet was a huge lift to the Family. Every corner of the sanctuary was full and there was an overflow into the lobby. Andy Lapointe and Laura Biggar brought beautiful songs of comfort. Maridel Symonds pre-recorded a special song for Nat and it was stirring and heartfelt as only a mother could do. Terrific job Maridel! Allen and Ruth Wright traveled from Indiana and Allen brought a challenging eulogy to us all. John Symonds delivered an outstanding (normal for John) message that Natalie had requested titled, "The Gospel Truth". John is one of my favorite communicators on the planet. I thought that Shelly Symonds did an excellent job of bringing words of hope and remembrance to the family.

Most of our lives will settle back to normal today. For Dennis, Alex, Cassie, Jessica, and the Symonds family, things will never quite seem 'normal'. Remember this family in prayer. Make a note to send them a word of encouragement from time to time, and cherish your own loved ones for every day we have together is a blessing from the Lord.


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