Saturday, April 19

Training Day

"Sweet 13!" -- Thirteen "Oliveters" left Freddy 7:30 this morning and spent the day at "The Huddle", a children's ministry training day. The event was sponsored by HQ of the Wesleyan Church and hosted by King's Valley Wesleyan, Quispamsis. There were around 100 children's ministry people from around the Maritimes and Maine.

The day was crammed with energy, helpful breakouts, new resources, and idea-sharing. I kept asking our gang, "how was your day?" and the answers were ultra-positive! Way to go Pastor Amy for blow-torching the vision, rallying the troops, and getting us there!

My brother in law, Randy Brownlee, brought a team from Grand Manan. I think he earns extra points for spending 3 hours on a ferry and 2-3 hours in a car to gain some new insights for children's ministry in his church! Randy, I owe you a coffee ;-)

It's Saturday night and I am looking forward to our services tomorrow morning. Wayne Derr is going to challenge us on being good stewards with God's stuff in every area of our lives. Also, Jason and Christine Blakie are going to share with us on their vision of being Missionaries to Thailand. Should be a great day!

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