Monday, April 7

Comfortable 2

Yesterday was an amazing day for Olivet! We were on week 2 of a 3-week series titled "Comfortable". We took a look at God's principle of tithing and how money can make us uncomfortable. Tithing is living on God's terms, not mine. There were many of you who stepped up and said, "Count me in, sign me up, I want to be a part of what God is doing, I'm committing to tithe!" This is awesome. Somewhere in eternity we will realize the full impact of our faithfulness and trust in God.

The worship was very powerful yesterday. Shea did an excellent job! 'Hosanna' was pretty much amazing and God's presence was in the house. There were a lot of new faces yesterday! Woo Hoo! If you know someone who brought someone or if you have any connection to someone who is quite new to Olivet, forward them this Blog.

Double Double Update: Yesterday was week 4 of our 2-service format. We looked at attendance trends, momentum we had last fall, and better weather and then decided to launch 2 services on Palm Sunday. When we announced the 2 services we weren't full to the point of obviously needing more space. However, we believed that God was going to continue to bless us and we knew that we had to take some risk in order to see barriers broken. Well, the barriers have been smashed! After only 4 weeks, there is no way that all of us could meet in one service without some serious chair-cramming. When you subtract the doubles (people in both services) we had 290 here yesterday. (Run around your computer 3 times with your hands in the air!!) That's 100 more than we averaged a year ago. I'm not sure what to say other than, "To God be the glory".

Comfortable 3 is on its way. Pastor Mark is an excellent communicator and I am really looking forward to hearing him share with us this week. He's looking forward to crawling into that big comfy chair. Which by the way, will likely be sold by the end of the series and never make it back to Valley Ridge Furniture.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

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