Monday, April 21

Sunday Wrap-Up

Listening to: Matt Redman
Drinking: Second Cup, Paradiso, Dark
Reading: "Prayer", Philip Yancey
Working on: board meeting tonight, reports, agenda, etc
Snacking on: bananas

We've put some miles on the past few days! Wayne and Colleen Derr arrived at our place Thursday PM. We spent most of Friday touring Bethany Bible College. The new chapel that BBC is completing is a very impressive structure. President Medders gave us a 1 hour tour of the chapel! We did lunch with a few professors and staff. Thanks BBC, it was great!

Wayne was our special guest at our monthly seniors dinner on Friday night. The information on estate planning was very helpful. If you still have not looked into a 'will', let me know and I can get you some information to get you started. It's never too early.

We took off early Saturday morning and headed to King's Valley Wesleyan for the Huddle - a Children's Ministry Training event. After the huddle we went down to Comeau's in Pennfield, for a seafood dinner. Yum! After stuffing our faces we went down to Black's Harbour and happened to be there when the ferry was leaving for Grand Manan. It was a beautiful evening.

Wayne brought an excellent message on Stewardship on Sunday morning. The worship was awesome this Sunday. It was great to have Stephen and Ruthie back with us. (even with their Bahama-tans) It was really good for us to spend some time around the altars in prayer on Sunday. Thanks to Jason and Christine Blaikie for sharing their vision and call to Thailand with us. Don't forget to pray for them and if possible, support them financially.

Right after church we did some quick grilling on the bbq and then loaded up the van again. This time we went all the way to PEI! Hey, if you don't get to the Maritimes very often you might as well see it all. We crossed the bridge, went in a few circles, walked a beach, and then headed back to NB. The kids had a blast and would beach-comb all day. We stopped in to Moncton Wesleyan on our way back. The new sanctuary there is absolutely amazing. If you are ever in Moncton, go see it! Wow!

Before heading home we stopped in to Montana's for supper. Yum again! Wayne was talking to the waitress about how he wanted to see a moose this weekend. She came out a few minutes later with the big 'antler' hat and put it on Wayne's head! We laughed until the whole restaurant was looking at us. Then she brought out a second hat and gave it to Colleen. We've got pics that we are going to keep in case we ever need some bribery!

I mentioned yesterday that we are going to do some favorites from this past church year this Sunday. What a year we've had! It's pretty inspiring to look back at what has happened and then to look forward to the year ahead. MANY of you wrote down a favorite song, video or other element. No one wrote down a favorite sermon :-( I'll try not to take it too personally. Ha. It should be an excellent Sunday!

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