Thursday, April 24


We've been in the process of switching over our media software from Easy Worship to Pro Presenter. We went through a few weeks of strange hums in our videos and other worship-distracting glitches.

Sunday's media was awesome! Way to go Glenn Grillo, Mark Brewer, Steve Brewer, AJ Guptill, Shane Hoyt and anyone else who happened to step into the 'great booth of media'! There was very little dead space, seamless transitions, and quick shifts to the next words of the song.

Media is the kind of thing that is most effective when people don't notice it. In other words, it's noticed most when something is going wrong.

Don't forget to tell these guys you appreciate what they do. Better still, toss perfectly good Tim Horton's cards their way once in awhile ;-)

Thanks for making us look good!

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