Monday, March 31

Monday thoughts

I'm not sure what to think of Mondays.

I'm not one to dread Mondays or to hate getting out of bed on Monday. I look forward to starting another week, reflecting on Sunday, and getting back in the swing of thing. My hesitation on Mondays is because I am the only one in on Mondays and the office is very quiet. Too quiet. Apparently I like people and I work better when there are others around. One of the things I like most about ministry is 'team work'. I love the team environment we have as a staff. I love seeing other teams around the church, like "the team that pulled off the seniors dinner Friday night", "the team that pulled off the Alpha retreat on Saturday", "the worship team that takes us into God's presence on Sunday", "the team that pulled off the Alpha supper and course on Sunday night", "the sound, media, tech and lighting team that makes us sound and look good each week", "the team that works on the series we do and the creative elements". There are a ton of people on a ton of teams around our church. The neat thing about our teams is that we aren't competing against each other, we are all pushing the same vision down the field. That's very sweet.

We started the "Comfortable" series yesterday. Thanks to Valley Ridge Furniture we had a VERY COMFY chair on the stage that I got to dive into and preach part of my message from. Yesterday's challenge was to remind us that it can be very easy for churches to get comfortable. We've had an awesome year, but we can't rest, let up, stop, or get comfy. We have to keep things moving forward because there are thousands of people all around us who don't know who Jesus is.

Yesterday was also a big day for our family. Autumn turned 8 yesterday! Woo Hoo. We went home after church to open some gifts (she got the Fur Real cat that she wanted) and then it was off to her favorite restaurant - Swiss Chalet. We ran into Shane and Heidi Hoyt and their kids and ended up sitting together. Bonus!

1st Wednesday is this week!! We'll probably do 2 more 1st Wednesday's - April and May - so 'get them while you can they're going fast'! This week's theme is 'worship...a close encounter'. The spaghetti will be hot. The music will be right on. The atmosphere will be awesome.

Thanks to all of you who signed up for "givearip", our email database for meeting needs. You'll get an intro email from me this week. We're going to be able to meet a lot of needs and show people what Jesus looks like. Can't wait! We own but it's nothing but a front promo page right now. In the future it will be the place for all the outreach we are doing. We care. We give a rip.

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