Thursday, March 20

Happy 'snow, freezing rain, rain' Spring!

The calendar says it is Spring. The landscape says something very different. Regardless, we will turn our hearts toward Easter and all of its blessings. My lawn is still dead but Jesus is alive and that is all that really matters!

I was in to see Karen Allen today. She is recovering well from her surgery and is very encouraged by the prayers of her church. She is trusting God all the way and God is using her peace to speak to many others. Ruthie and Pastor Lona were also in to see her yesterday.

God answers prayer. We had a good time at our small group last night recounting all the ways that God has been answering prayer. We also had a good time eating chocolate covered popcorn, apple crumble and ice-cream, and a mix of veggies, dip and cheese. Throw in some very yummy coffee, an excellent study on the Resurrection, and you have the makings of one very sweet small group!

Good Friday service tomorrow night @ 6!! Think "1st Wednesday on performance enhancing drugs". Haha. Don't miss it.

We announced last Sunday that we are taking a special Easter Offering. We'll only pass the plates once ;-) The idea is to catch up on the snow days we have had and finish the church year strong. We're also going to be giving part of the offering to a family that is in need. I'm really excited about it and I know that it will be a God-thing.

See you tomorrow night!


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