Saturday, March 8

JUMP starts tomorrow!

Hey everyone! I hope you have had a great Spring Break week. It seems like half our church took off for the Caribbean and you can hardly blame them with the winter we've had! Our JUMP series starts tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. I think this will be our most impacting series of the year as we invite people to JUMP at God's offer of grace. Are you praying? Have you invited anyone? Who would you like to see make that JUMP?

We've got some creative stuff planned for tomorrow that I won't let out of the bag yet. Sorry, you have to come to find out what's goin' on. All I can say is it will be on par with "that's never been done at Olivet Wesleyan before and maybe never done in a Wesleyan Church anywhere before!".

Pastor Mark created a "JUMP" communication card that we will use at the end of each service. It looks awesome.

We made a "Bangor Run" with our family yesterday. It was 53 degrees in Bangor and felt like Spring. Fun!

We had around 60 show up for 1st Wednesday in a freezing-rain storm. The dinner was great as always, but I'm guessing that people brave the weather because they simply love that 1st Wednesday service. If you haven't been to one yet, April is coming!

I am really pleased with how our Good Friday service is looking. Help us get the word out -- 6 p.m. service of authentic worship and meaningful creativity nailing down the message of Easter.

2 Services, the Olivet Double Double, starts next Sunday! Crazy! 9:00 and 10:45 identical services. Stephen Woodworth is going to be teaching a new class in the 10:45 hour, in the Fellowship Hall. He'll teach for 3 weeks and then Pastor Conard is going to take it on.

Don't forget to move your clocks ahead one hour tonight!

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