Saturday, March 29

Reasons Why I Love Our Church

- We aren't afraid to take risks! (Double Double, Staff, Budgets, etc)
- We are simple (no, that's not a slam, it means that we aren't trying to do everything we only do what we can do well)
- We serve great coffee. Take the church-coffee challenge, you'll come back to ours ;-)
- We invest in our kids! Staff, budgets, space, volunteers, etc. If you don't invest in kids, you are dying.
- Our music rocks. It's not Southern California or Texas, but for this part of the world we are very modern.
- Our Seniors support what we are doing. We have a great group of seniors and I know there are times when they think I'm nuts, but overall they see the good that is being done and they are on board. Hey, it beats shuffle-board!
- We're all about Jesus. You don't have to attend here for years before you figure out our vision.
- We have an awesome staff! I'm a total fan of hiring from within. Amy and Conard last year. Ruthie this year. Mark and I are 'from away'. :]

As you can tell, I am a proud pastor of a fine group of people who are doing their best to make a difference.

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