Monday, March 17

A Very Large Double Double

It's history! The very first time that Olivet has gone to two Sunday A.M. services. We planned, we prayed, we prepared, we got a weekend without snow, and the day was a huge success!

We weren't sure how many to expect in the first service @ 9:00 A.M. A bunch of us were doing some speculating on Saturday night: Me (60 people), Ruthie (90), Stephen (50), Mark (I can't remember). 85 very awake and energetic people showed up for the 1st service! When we subtract the doubles who were in both services (yes, we do that) there were around 250 here!

Some of the highlights include cinnamon buns and fruit trays to go with the Second Cup coffee, Welby playing "JUMP" on the keyboard, Kim Henry opening the service with "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", the band was absolutely amazing, Pro Presenter was very cool and didn't disappoint, a montage of great jumps in history including the Olivet Double Double (we're right up there with Evil Knievel and Michael Jordan!), Pastor Mark doing the lead on the message wrap-up song "Grace Will Be My Song".

The "JUMP" series has been quite a jump for a lot of people. We've had people jumping in to accept Christ as their Saviour, jumping in to say they need to go deeper with Christ, or asking us to pray for them as they are close to jumping in. It's been quite a series so far!

GOOD FRIDAY! Plan to be with us for our 6 PM Good Friday service. It will be an impacting time designed to help us nail down the message of Easter.

Easter Sunday. If you close your eyes and imagine there is no snow, it might feel more like Easter :] It's early this year for sure, but it is still Easter! People you know, people who you see everyday, would be willing to attend an Easter service. Hey, you can even come early at 9 A.M. and get an early start on your Easter dinner preparations. Invite people, offer to meet them here or pick them up, sit with them, and God will do the rest! Also, we need to remember the 'special Easter offering' to dig us out of a few snow Sundays. I'm excited that we are not just taking an offering for regular church expenses, but that we are going to be using a part of the offering to bless a family that is in need. How cool is that?!

Alpha update: We have around 20 people who are meeting each Sunday night to take the Alpha Course. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone to explore the claims of the Christian faith in a laid back "dinner and a movie" atmosphere. The course is almost half done and I am thinking that we should offer it again sometime soon. Thanks to Heidi and Shane Hoyt who prepared an awesome meal for us last night. Kim Goodine was getting us all hooked on rice cookers :] Thanks for helping Kim! The bbq wings were my favorite last night. Yum.

Board meeting tonight. Yee Haw!

It's Monday...but Sunday's a comin'

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