Monday, March 3

Have you ever...

Have you ever heard a clear presentation and invitation of what it means to be a Christian and wished that you had invited "____________" to hear it?

Have you ever left church thinking about specific people who you know are searching and would have enjoyed the service?

Have you ever prayed for someone who is far away from God and then asked God to give you an opportunity to invite that person to church?

The next 3 Sundays @ Olivet are going to be Sundays that can change a person's life for eternity. Seriously, if you have ever thought about inviting someone to church, NOW IS THE TIME!

Will you join me in praying for our "JUMP" series? Let's pray that God will do amazing things in our church over the next 3 Sundays and beyond. Let's pray specifically for those who will be in attendance and are needing to make the JUMP of Faith.

Thanks to all of you who got up early Sunday a.m. and shoveled your way to church! We had a great time in worship with the Lapointes! Steve & Kathy Brewer live 2 million miles from the church, out on Keswick Ridge, and they were among the first ones here!

It was good to see Todd and Karen Robinson and their kids (growing too fast!)

1st Wednesday this week :-) Dinner together, creative worship environment, and relevant teaching make a fantastic evening. Hope to see you there.

We are two weeks away from the 1st two-service Sunday morning in Olivet's history!

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