Monday, April 2

Why Do We Do Discipleship

Here are a few reasons...

Adult disciples who are new Christians and/or new church members need ...
To develop relationships with other members
To know the church's vision and commit themselves to it
To know and begin to use their spiritual gifts
To develop a plan for continued growth in discipleship

Adult disciples who are growing in spiritual maturity need ...
To know and live out God's plan for their lives
To apply ethics in everyday life
To know how to make right choices
To know and use their spiritual gifts
To be able to share their faith with non-believers and unchurched persons
To understand biblical doctrines
To develop a disciplined devotional life
To understand and deal with personal issues and emotional problems
To understand substance abuse and learn how to overcome it.

Adult disciples who are strengthening their family relationships need ...
To develop positive parenting skills
To strengthen husband-wife relationships
To develop growing relationships with other family members
To help aging parents.

Adult disciples who are being equipped for leadership and ministry need ...
To know how their spiritual gifts can be used most effectively
To develop the mind and attitude of a servant
To develop skills needed to function effectively in a chosen ministry
To develop effective and flexible teaching skills.

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