Thursday, April 19

Missional Small Groups

I asked Mark Wilson if I could copy this from his blog

This is just awesome. Don't just do groups. Don't just meet. Don't just study. Be missional!
I'll let Mark's post say the rest...

In Minong, Wisconsin, a missional small group from our congregation decided to love their neighbors to Jesus. They were willing to step out of their comfort zone, and be the launch team for a new church. Last Sunday, 135 people celebrated Easter as a result of their dedication.

Tim and LeeAnn host a missional small group at their home. One day, three years ago, God gave them all a very clear sense that they were to lead a team to Guatemala. Since then, four teams have gone from our church, to do Vacation Bible School, build houses for widows, distribute shoes, and to sing in the choir at a huge evangelistic crusades. Last fall, almost 600 people responded to the invitation to receive Jesus.

A missional small group of young adults decided to host a "Trunk or Treat" here at the church. The whole church jumped in, and almost every kid in town showed up! It was quite an amazing outreach. The moms in our community buzzed about it for weeks afterwards.

Through a missional women's Bible Study at our church, God laid it on Pat's heart to start a jail ministry. Three of the women in this group are now actively involved in weekly outreach at the local jail.Jesse and Layla's missional small group of young couples volunteers once a month to watch the children of single moms in our Mentoring Future Families program.

Our missional senior saints are sending money to help a World Hope orphanage in Zambia.

Pandora's missional group of gals from last year's Alpha headed up the meals for Alpha this year.

Josh's missional "Band of Brother's" group drove north an hour and a half to Superior and put a new roof on Safe Harbor Church.

The Paint Daubers is a missional group of retired gentlemen who meet for breakfast every Thursday morning, and then go out into the community to perform various acts of kindness-- painting porches, chopping firewood, and fixing furnaces.

Ralph's missional small group is tackling a massive, GOLIATH clean-up project at the home of a former member who moved out of state. It's an overwhelming task, bigger than the group. Yet, love compels them to do it. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked Ralph. He replied, "Well, what would Jesus do?"

Our missional Knit One, Prayer Two Group makes prayer shawls for the sick and hurting. They meet together and have sweet fellowship while they use their hands to create blessing for others.

Some small groups meet only for study.Other small groups enjoy good fellowship.Our best small groups meet for study, enjoy good fellowship AND joyfully bring God's love to others.Great groups not only KNOW Jesus-- but they also SHOW Jesus by their deeds.

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