Monday, April 9

12 Reasons You Can Run Out of Gas

I borrowed this from Rick Warren (you might have heard of him and his little church on California). It's a great reminder for us as we come out of the Easter season and look to what's next...

See if you notice any parallels to being physically ..emotionally.. spiritually running on empty!

Unprepared: Not starting out with a full tank!
Leaks: Having an unknown leak that is quietly draining you!
Availability: Can’t find a filling station!
Finances: Can’t afford gas - so you keep procrastinating
Presumption: Assuming you have what it takes to keep going, Lying to self. Wishful
Inattention: Being distracted & not watching your gauges or don’t believe them(broken)
Hurry: Driving at high speed which causes you to run out faster
Pressure: rapid acceleration , putting the pedal to the metal
Ego: Trying to drive to far and not knowing the limits of your tank
Busyness: Being too busy to stop and refuel
Lack of Knowledge: When you don’t know how to fill the tank
Overload: When you’re carrying too much weight

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