Monday, April 16

the Discipleship Project

In the May/June issue of REV! magazine, David Moody and Doug Schonberg explain how they were able to get the majority of their people in Chippawa Presbyterian Church, Niagra Falls, Ontario, into discipleship.

I'm not going to completely unpack the article here, you can read more at or at

Here's the teaser: They identified the barriers to discipleship (great starting point, look at your congregation and ask 'why don't people get involved in discipleship?'). Then they set out to remove the barriers one by one. Here are the barriers they saw in their church:

1. People are busy...remove the barrier with credibility
2. People are unique...remove the barrier with flexibility
3. People want to see results...remove the barrier with visibility

The 'tool' that they use to promote and track discipleship is really quite simple and doable for most churches. Check it out.



Autumn Mom said...

Can't wait to have you doing this at our church!!!! :-)


Tim Guptill said...

Hi Carolee, thanks for the comment.

Great days ahead!