Tuesday, April 24

Crossing the Atlantic

Yesterday Gayla and I had spent some quality time together over lunch: we both went to the dentist for a cleaning! Oh the joy.

Waiting in the lobby I picked up the copy of Nationl Geographic/Adventure and found a very interesting article on a young man who decided he wanted to be the youngest to sail solo across the Atlantic. When Michael Perham was at the grand ol age of 11 he informed his parents of his goal. There's a lot I like in this story...Michael's dream, his focus, his passion, his parent's trust, the way they supported his dream, the risk, the adventure, the commitment, etc.

In the magazine interview, Michael gives his lists of 'musts' that helped him reach his goal. They are fantastic!

Dream big
Get an early start
Be true to yourself
Don't get distracted
Keep in touch
Sleep tight
Stay the course
Savor the moment
Push the envelope

What if you and I approached our churches with this list? What if we saw even our biggest obstacles as merely oceans that can be voyaged, conquered, explored?

Oh yeah, the title of the article on Michael..."What It Takes".

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