Wednesday, April 4

Transformation Season

If transformation had a season, this would be it.

We had our monthly HQ chapel service this morning and Don Bray talked about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the basis for all of our ministries. Don reminded us that when we see a changed life, someone who has given their life to Christ, we are seeing the Resurrection power at work.

Nothing excites me more than seeing the power of Jesus Christ transform a life. It keeps me up at night and it gets me up in the morning.

Friday's descent is coming, and we will all remember the price that was paid for our ransom. "Sunday's a comin" (wish I could preach it like TD Jakes) and let's all pray that many people will choose to surrender to the Risen Savior and experience thier own resurrection.

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

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