Monday, April 2

Spring Life - Passion Week

What are you passionate about? At your deepest, deepest level, what is it that you want to see happen? This is the week when we reflect on Christ's Yup. Jesus' greatest passion was and is you. There is nothing more important to Christ than you knowing him, serving him, and living his purpose for your life.

Passion week is also an opportunity for us to relay the meaning of Easter to those who don't know Jesus or the real meaning for the Cross.

Many Wesleyan Churches are engaged in a Spring/Easter emphasis called "SpringLife".

Here is a powerful SpringLife testimony we received today:

Thanks for sharing SpringLife with us. What a blessing! We have been intentional about preparation the last 6 weeks and now we feel as though we are prepared for Easter. Yesterday during our worship services we did the "cross" activity that was suggested in the SpringLife material. (The one where those who have a friend or loved one that they have interceded for bring their name on a card, dip their finger in red water, put it on the card, and pin it to the cross.) We had over 100 people participate and 80 different names were pinned on the cross. Praise God! We are expecting unrealistic things to happen in the coming days and especially with our Easter celebration. Just wanted you to know what a blessing this has been to our church and we are committed to remaining diligent in delivering Christ to the world in every possible way using every possible means.

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